Downers Grove is a good Village. So good that some people want to keep things "just the way they are." But for those of us that want better for our community and better for our families, "good" isn't good enough. On April 6, 2021, cast your vote to elect a Commissioner that respects our past, but embraces our future. Cast your vote for positivity, for citizen involvement, and for a candidate that puts public service first. Cast your vote for Andrew Pelloso, and let your voice be heard.

the Pelloso Family

My name is Andrew Pelloso and I'm running for Downers Grove Village Commissioner in 2021. I have been a resident of Downers Grove since 2011 when my wife and I moved from Indianapolis to the Village. I bring 18 years of government experience, not as an elected official, but as a public employee.

My family here in DG consists of my daughter Holly (who loves trains and Every Day’s a Sundae) and my wife Liz, who is chair of the Environmental Concerns Commission.

I am an open book, strongly value transparency, and plan to address every comment and question from you and anyone who asks.

Two of the most important questions you should have for any candidate for political office are:

  1. What is your platform?
  2. What are your top priorities?
Andrew Pelloso

My platform is comprised of three core goals:

  • Innovation: at the local government level, the technology is there to streamline operations, create efficiencies, and accelerate results with no additional resources or weight on local taxes. I will consistently ask “why are we doing that” and “what could we do differently” to drive innovation.
  • Inclusion: I will devote energy to making this Village inclusive on all levels. We must foster a community that does not discriminate. Downers Grove must be an open and welcome community to everyone. I will start by helping to build a Village Council that is open to public input in all forms, empower our Commissions to help the Council, and step down from the dais to meet with as many groups and organizations as possible to learn about their challenges and how I can help.
  • Improvement: just as there are new ways of doing old things, there is always the opportunity to do those old things in a way that reduces costs, improves the end result of those services, or expands the delivery of services beyond the targeted audience. I will seek to reexamine “business as usual” to find places to save money, places to make government functions serve all citizens, and help determine what is needed to make our Village better than it is now.

I have established these priorities as the actions I will take to achieve my platform goals.

  • Help make Downers Grove a truly livable community
  • Improve Village infrastructure
  • Energize our citizen-led commissions and working groups
  • Identify and implement new sources of revenue
  • Be an advocate for equality and inclusion for all Village residents