Who is this Guy?

My name is Andrew Pelloso and I'm running for Downers Grove Village Commissioner in 2021. You may not know me personally yet, and that's ok. To start you off, here’s a top 10 list:

  1. I have been a resident of Downers Grove since 2011 when my wife and I moved from Indianapolis to the Village after she accepted a position with the Federal Government.
  2. I have 27 years of experience as an environmental policy analyst, with a focus on the interpretation, assessment, and implementation of federal, state, and local rules and regulations. I have experience with support of litigation, development of state-level rules and regulations, and have served on national organizations that work with federal agencies to advise, recommend, and review federal laws, rules and policy.
  3. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Psychology, a Master of Environmental Science, and a Master of Policy Analysis with a focus on natural resource management from Indiana University. I’ve noticed there are many Hoosiers here in the Village!
  4. My family here in DG consists of my daughter Holly (who loves trains and Every Day’s a Sundae) and my wife Liz, who is chair of the Environmental Concerns Commission.
  5. I bring 18 years of government experience, not as an elected official, but as a public employee. I rose through the ranks in the state of Indiana to manage one of the larger regulatory programs, took over a federal grant program that managed $25 million of federal funds and reshaped several other programs to deliver greater results and meet shrinking budgets. I know how government works.
  6. I vote in every election, as I consider this to be my greatest responsibility and privilege as a citizen of this democracy.
  7. I am passionate about environmental protection, with a focus on using natural systems to solve real-world problems like flooding and stormwater management.
  8. I am an amateur photographer – you may have seen me at Barth Pond with my daughter, taking pictures of insects and flowers.
  9. I am a strong advocate of public service and people over politics. I very much want to represent the interests of ordinary people through both political change and the improvement of government processes. My mission is to serve as the voice of the people and never vote, govern, or write policy based on my own personal opinions.
  10. I love to laugh! Our world is so very serious, and 2020 has really taken this to a new level. However, we must find the bright spots, the positives, and the humor in our lives. When we do, I truly believe it’s those moments that bring us together as a community, which we so very much need during this important period in our history.