Get Involved

Interested in seeing what I could do for the Village? Ready to shake things up? I need your help to get the word out and help me link up with citizens, groups, and organizations that want their voices heard in local government.

Take a moment or two and:

  1. Like and follow my campaign Facebook page for up-to-the-minute information.
  2. NEW! Contact me for a yard sign! I'll work with you to get it to your lawn!
  3. Share this page on your Facebook page or on your social network of your choice.
  4. Tell your friends and neighbors here in Downers Grove to check out my platform and priorities.
  5. Part of a group or organization? Invite me to join a Zoom call and hit me with your questions.
  6. Having an appropriately socially-distanced gathering? Let me know if I can drop by and chat.
  7. Learn about your options – there are six people running for three spots on the Village Council this year.
  8. When the time comes, vote! Cast your vote for the candidates you think represent you and your community.
  9. Consider a small donation to help me and my team spread the word.
  10. And, most important: Have a better idea? Want more information? Let me know!

On April 6, 2021, you have a real chance to shape how our Village governs and help make Downers Grove even better for you and your family. It’s your Village, and your Voice – I’d like to be someone that helps you be heard.